Transforming Foster Care… One Family At A Time

A San Diego Fostering Network


Angels Family Foster Network is dedicated to ensuring that babies and toddlers in foster care in San Diego County get the best start in life.

We work with the San Diego County Department of Child Welfare and comply with all state and federal health and safety guidelines, but we are an independent organization so we do things a little differently at Angels.

Our founder started Angels because she believed that babies and toddlers were best served in loving homes where there was only one child (or sibling set) being fostered at a time. This gives parents who foster – and their children and extended families — the chance to provide little ones with the time and care they need and deserve.

The first years of life are critical in a child’s emotional and cognitive development, so it is important that infants and toddlers know their needs will be met. To that end, we ask our families who foster to commit to seeing a child through to reunification with his or her biological family or adoption (by their family or another). We work to create a sense of stability for children, and moving from family to family denies infants and toddlers the opportunity to form deep and meaningful attachments with adults. Research consistently shows us that these attachments are critical.

At Angels, we are also proud of the respectful partnerships that foster parents create with biological parents. Most of the time, children are reunified with biological parents and we want to support that relationship as much as possible.

Angels families will tell you the training and support they receive is second to none. We want you and your family to have a wonderful experience, and are there for you every step of the way. We’re more than just a network – we’re family.

Our History

Angels was founded in 1998 by Cathy Richman, who served for five years as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteer with the San Diego County foster system.

A visionary leader, Richman saw ways to improve care to young children who needed foster care. She believed children were best served when they were placed with one family until they reunified with their biological families or were placed for adoption. Brain and cognitive research supports what Richman knew instinctively – infants and toddlers need time to form attachments to adults. These important connections help children develop the security they need to grow and flourish.

Richman also felt that infants and toddlers in foster care needed and deserved focused time and attention. She required Angels families to commit to fostering one child or a sibling set at a time. Additionally, Richman envisioned a network of families who received ongoing support and education to help them be the best possible parents who foster.

We are grateful to Richman for her wonderful service to the community and for changing the lives of children and families. San Diego County is a better place because of her.

Our Foster Families

The People Who Make it Possible

Families who foster with Angels say the rewards are endless. Meet a few families who made the decision to serve as foster parents with Angels.