Transforming Foster Care… One Family At A Time

A San Diego Fostering Network

Angels is transforming foster care for abused and neglected infants and toddlers one family at a time. We recruit and train exceptionally qualified foster parents who seek to provide consistent love and care to one child or one sibling set. The organization’s highly trained staff is skilled in guiding and supporting parents through the foster care process. Without the love and care offered by Angels families, babies from newborn to five years miss the opportunity to attach to a primary parent figure, and are likely to face severe developmental roadblocks as a result of broken relationships.

Since 1999 Angels has provided more than 700 babies with healing foster families. We have demonstrated over and over that thoroughly screened, well-trained, nurturing caregivers raise healthy children. Approximately 25% of the children we place are ultimately adopted by an Angels family, providing forever families for some of the most at-risk children in our community.

Angels serves abused and neglected infants and toddlers throughout San Diego County. We are viewed by our County Child Welfare Department as “the baby experts”, and are frequently contacted first when a baby in danger is removed from the home.

Our Mission Statement:

Angels Foster Family Network is a licensed foster family agency with a unique focus on prevention, based on the stable placement of abused infants and toddlers with nurturing families who promote healing and critical attachment, resulting in healthy growth and development.

Our Foster Families

The People Who Make it Possible

What kind of family is willing to sacrifice the time, money, and most importantly the energy and love that goes into nurturing a baby – all the while knowing that it may be temporary and that they may fall in love, only to have to say goodbye to their foster child next week, next month, or next year? Angels families, that’s who.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, licensed foster family agency founded in 1998. We specialize in providing exceptional families for infants and toddlers in San Diego County.

Angels FFN is not affiliated with any religious organization and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, national origin, age, religion, creed, disability, veteran’s status, or sexual orientation.