8 Weeks And Counting

20 Mar 8 Weeks And Counting

“It should be a short term placement since her bio parents want nothing to do with her.” After hearing that we prepared for such a situation with a few unexpected twists of course. Then, in between the feedings and diaper changes and quiet moments of watching her sleep, we dreaded the phone ringing. Any day we would be getting the call that County would be picking her up to take her to her Forever Family.
It’s been 8 weeks and 2 days since we picked up “Baby Girl” from the hospital.  She has changed so much since we brought her home. She has chunky baby rolls where she used to have old person skin wrinkles. Just last week I got her to smile while she was awake. What a moment for me!! She has already proven to know my voice. She calms down when I pick her up and wakes up from tiny naps if I start talking loudly. But I had yet to get her to respond to my attempts at making her smile. Erwin has claimed many giggle fits and smiles while she has been in and out of dreamland. I was jealous.

My turn — after her 2 month old check-up I fed her a bottle in the waiting room. Ethan was with me watching a movie.  After a few minutes I put her in her carrier and she spit up immediately. I grabbed a rag and dabbed her mouth saying,”gross gross gross!” There it was! A little twinge of her lips. She was looking straight into my eyes. So, I did it again and BAM! Cheeks galore and her eyes lit up! I hurried Ethan over so he could be my witness — She did it again and we both giggled!! It’s so sweet. So sweet! Daddy has been trying to find his little way of making her laugh this week. Nothing yet, but we all know how determined he gets. I suspect this week he will prevail!

We all can’t believe we have had the blessing of “Baby Girl” in our lives for 8 weeks. I think we were all ready for the here and gone part. We haven’t heard from the County in 3+ weeks. No concerns on their part I presume. I just keep thanking God that she is in my home and not in a County Foster Home that has 4 other children vying for love and attention.  This little one has all the love and attention of the 4 Macs in this home. And in addition to that abundance of love, every one she comes in contact with, her Volleyball big sisters, her neighbors, her grandparents, her big sister and brothers friends, etc. have showered her with love and hugs and kisses! This little village is going to have a hard time saying goodbye one day.


Angels Foster
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