Exactly How We Feel

20 Mar Exactly How We Feel

Have you seen the movie The Odd Life of Timothy Green? Jennifer Garner stars in it. We watched it as a family one night. Not many movies allow us to do that these days. AMAZING! Obviously not real but the message hit our home and hearts strongly!

“If  you came to me and said there are two people in the world who want you more than anything,  they’ll do their best, they’ll make some mistakes, and you’ll only get them for a short time, but they will love you more than you can imagine… well when that’s true I’d say so much is possible.”  -Timothy Green

This is what we do. This is how my family feels. Instead of “two people” we are four people. This is true of my family and my home. I haven’t cried this hard at a movie in a very long time. It is partially my doing. I live, learn and act with all my heart. I can’t even say it’s on my sleeve since I think it’s way to big for that. The rest of the responsibility for my overflowing cup I give to Angels. They have made this statement above 100% true. So much is possible when Angels is on your side. Like I have said before, I feel like I can rule the world with Angels. For now, we are starting with beautiful Angels babies in San Diego.


Angels Foster
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