Friday We Meet

20 Mar Friday We Meet

It’s set and I called the shots somewhat. The “telling”, a reading of Baby Girl’s life and story, by the County worker to the perspective Forever Family will happen on Wednesday. The family will need to accept her within 24 hours. When they do, either they or Ernie will call us and set up a visitation with us to meet her and then they will be ready to do the transfer most likely on the 6th.

The phone rang and a Hispanic name appeared on our caller ID. At this point that’s all I know of them. I freaked out and Er answered the phone. Dumb sales people! The real phone call came Thursday morning. It was her Forever Family and they were so nice on the phone. They were dying to call me but didn’t want to call me too early. We set up a visit for Friday evening after soccer practice. The final pick-up will be Saturday evening after soccer games and dinner. Wow,  it was all planned out. The Good-Bye Day is here and I’m not sure I’m ready.

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Her forever family was amazing on the phone and had given me the choice of when to have the visit as well as the Good-Bye Day. They are just sooo excited this is really happening- having waited nine years to adopt. Erwin and I don’t know how they will leave this precious baby after seeing her for even one minute. We were right on. After they walked in the door Friday night and immediately got on the ground with her, they asked if they could spend the night on the living room floor. They don’t know how they will leave. This immediately gave me peace. It was as if we had known them for years.

Er and I are okay. Baby Girl – not so much. She knew there was something else going on with these people. She was constantly complaining looking for Er or I. Her new family didn’t hesitate to pick her up and attempt to comfort her. Some moments she was at peace and others she was whiny. So hard not to grab her from their hands and put her to sleep in two minutes. The hour they were here seemed to fly by. Lots was talked about. Baby stuff, Mommy/Baby Stuff and life stuff. They have been together for over 20 years and I think are close to our age. Another relief moment for me. They told us how they would love to keep the lines of communication open and we are welcome to be a part of Baby Girl’s life. That is when I cried for the second time in 10 days. They were genuine and I felt it.

At dinner right after, I sat in the booth with Baby Girl in her carrier. She never took her eyes off of me. Oh, sweet heartbreak. I put her to sleep that night for the last time and sat with Erwin in bed. He asked me if I was okay and I told him I just didn’t know what I should be doing. Do I pack now? Do I type up her routine and all the little things we know that only her parents would know? Should I be balling my eyes out right now? Or should I just be getting ready for bed and ready for the big soccer day tomorrow? Sleep it is…


Angels Foster
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