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20 Mar From My Journal

I love you
I love that I will meet every need you have, no matter how tired or annoyed I may be.
I love that you light up when you see me and never sense my frustration or exhaustion.
I love that you know I’d give anything for you, hence the reason you ask for so much.
I love that even though you are not my child, I love you like you are.
I love that you know what it feels like to be that loved.
I love that you’ve given me the chance to be something great in this world when I didn’t know I could have such importance.
I love that no matter where I hide my favorite boots in the house, you find them, chew on them, then giggle when I tell you to stop.
I love that you laugh when I sing to you (I get it).
I love that I refuse to let you “cry it out” because I’m sure you did the entire first quarter of your life.
I love how you trust me, even though you have a right to not trust anyone.
I love how you enjoy shoving your finger in my eye as I lovingly feed you.
I love how you happily gum all the homemade baby food I make for you.
I love every hard-earned dimple in your cute, little butt.
I love your stink-bug stance when you are on the floor and contemplating the feat of crawling.
I love that you and you “brothers” have given me reason to breath such deep, strong breathes in this life.
I love that, for now, you are my family.

Love, your foster-mommy

Angels Foster
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