Healing With Love One Day At A Time

20 Mar Healing With Love One Day At A Time

I wasn’t sure what to think when Angels approached me about writing the pioneer foster parent blog. As I raided all my thoughts: past and present–I felt overwhelmed with emotion: “What would I write?

Do I want to rehash/share some of the most painful memories of my life? The happiest? Do I really want people to know the ups and downs of fostering and how truly difficult it is?”

Obviously, my answer was, “Yes, absolutely.” I want people to know that even though I have an unfinished masters degree, I’m not teaching history as I always thought I would, I don’t take fancy vacations (or any, really, for that matter), yet I’ve never felt more fulfilled in my entire life.

One cannot describe the feeling of taking in a newborn with 30 broken bones and healing him to the point of sparkling eyes and an (almost) permanent ear to ear grin, or a neglected toddler who was so behind in all areas of development, then a year later he’s not only caught up in these areas, but advanced in some. Taking in horribly neglected babies and giving them the love and attention they rightfully deserve isn’t a phone-in job.

Yes, I’ve prematurely aged through the process. Yes, I have less than a full heart as pieces of it have left with each baby who has left our home (one baby in particular took at least half-and he deserves to have it). As each baby comes into our lives I think, “Can we do this again? Do we have the strength?”

The truth of the matter is this: Even at our weakest points-we have more strength than these children, and it’s our job as adults, as parents, as humanitarians to push aside the selfish fears, the idea that it takes a “special” person to be a foster parent. In reality, we all have what it takes–it’s just a matter of finding it inside and having the courage to use it.

The past two and a half years have brought more self realization than I could have ever anticipated and I know there’s so much more to come. I’m happy, honored, and proud to start this journey via the Angels’ blog to share what I can with you, from the mundane tasks of parenting to the unimaginable feats. For those of you who choose to follow-if you’re a foster parent I hope you can connect or help me to connect. If you’re considering fostering I hope to inspire you to find the courage. In advance, I thank you for your cyber “ear”…

~ Kristen

Angels Foster
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