Joy In The Unexpected

20 Mar Joy In The Unexpected

I have never felt as fulfilled as I do right now. When I watch my husband and kids love Baby Girl my heart is full. The feelings of contentment that come with being her Momma, her family, her life, is right up there with having my own babies. We are not just housing her; we are raising her up to be the strongest little lady she can be.

There are times my husband and I sit and reflect, “Did you ever imagine we would be caring for a baby who was born to and abandoned by a strung-out mom? How will we give her to strangers when the time comes?”

Before we know it we are back to laughing and loving what we are doing. We love and protect her like she was our own. The pieces of our life puzzle have been fit together right before our eyes.

We were told she would only need foster parents for a few months. She is baby number six and mom left the hospital never to be seen again. This is a clear adoption case for an eager family on the waiting list.

Months later, after watching Baby Girl grow into this adorable piece of heaven, we still have no idea when our good-bye day will sneak up on us. If I thought only about that day I would bury myself in tears and pain. We talk about it and know it’s coming, but don’t dwell on it.

We have been abundantly blessed with what we have been given and continue to receive: two incredible days with Baby Boy, four months and counting with Baby Girl and a never ending sea of support from Angels, friends and family. We don’t know how our story will unfold, but I know we will cry, heal and then the four of us will be waiting for the phone to ring, anticipating the next little miracle we will have the honor of guiding.

For now, today is Wednesday and there is soccer practice, a volleyball game, homework to complete and laundry to do. Baby Girl has changed our lives forever and we can’t wait to see her magical life unfold.

Angels Foster
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