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20 Mar Questions Questions Questions

“How long have you had her?”
This answer is getting harder to give only because “Baby Girl” feels like our daughter. No one ever asks you that when you are carrying around your biological child. They ask how old and immediately begin awe-ing away.

She turns 3 months old this week. Time is on overdrive here on Orangewood Street. We have the first quarter of school half way done. Er’s Volleyball team starts their official season today. Last week was my first week of my “Coach’s Wife” season that lasts through June of next year! I always say being a coaches wife is like being a Navy wife except he comes home every night. Kids are adjusting to him not being around as much. I on the other hand pray for a return home to be a few minutes early every night to give my mommy mind a rest for an hour or so. Whether he is home earlier or later than expected, usually later, he is so good at taking the reigns or as we all know them as the kids and doing anything I need him to. Thank God for Er!

“When will she leave?”
Common question these days since school is back in and I have been out and about more. I don’t know is the only answer I can give right off the bat. That almost always draws out the,”I could never do that!” We think now that is will be about 6 weeks or so. She now has an Adoption Social Worker we will call Ernie. He is really good. I feel confident and comfortable that he will find the perfect forever family for her. Now, if he would only call us and give us an update.

“Can you adopt her?”
We can but we won’t be. We are just transitional foster parents and will be loving as many babies as we can. This response brings a look of confusion and ….

“How are you going to let her go? Aren’t you attached to her?”
We will just let her go. She is not ours. We are not meant to raise any more kids. We are meant to love these babies till they are reunited with their birth families or given to their forever families. It’s going to be horribly hard but that just means we did our job! We ARE ATTACHED most definitely! We love this little one. She will be making another family so very very happy.

I have talked about Angels FFN to so many people. Hoping they would decide they too would be able to open up their lives to a little one in need of a loving home. Finding out that one local hospital sends at least one newborn baby to the County every week, kills me inside and makes me realize what good our little family is going to be able to do in the years to come. For now, we are changing one little kiddos life. And there is no question that is what God has meant for us to do.

Off to get my other two kids!

Angels Foster
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