The First Week

20 Mar The First Week

Today is the first day we are officially on the “open” list for Angels! I am a churning mass of adrenaline, anxiously waiting for “The Phone Call” from our social worker, determined not to waste the entire day staring at my phone, but also committed to beginning only those projects which can be dropped at a moment’s notice to pick up “The Child Who Needs Me”.

Angst is a good color on me, so I proceed to have one of the most productive Honey-Do Days of my married life. I drop off donations to Goodwill, the public library, and an e-waste collection site, pick up pet food and a prescription, make a minor repair on the car, then start on (and finish) three different kinds of yard work. I paint the front fence, edit a writing project, make some photocopies, play some music. I check the phone every hour– have I missed a call? Text message? Email? Nope. Nothing.

Beloved Spouse is also at work, doing some of the same churning in her professional capacity, and checking in occasionally when she runs out of theoretically-useful-but-mostly-nervous things to do. There is nothing to report, so all we can do is acknowledge our feelings to each other and move on to the next more-or-less made-up project.

A week goes by, and all we can say to each other and to everyone who asks is that we haven’t yet gotten a call but no call means no one needs us yet, and that’s a good thing.

Angels Foster
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