The Other Phone Call

20 Mar The Other Phone Call

Two phone calls seem to be the only ones of any importance to me these days. The first one where we find out a special little Angel needs our family. The second one being the one I just got.

“Can I drop by in about 40 minutes?”

Ernie said he had an update and wanted to talk to me while he was in the area. I had been waiting to hear from him for two and a half weeks to get the update on the “Family” or the “Bio-Family” that appeared on the radar.

Long story short (not really but…) the bio-family member never appeared again and they are moving forward with the family they found and here we go! Since Baby Girl is still so young, we will move though the transition a bit quicker since she will be able to adjust much faster and not have any way of really disapproving of her new family. One of her parents is already requesting Family/Medical Leave to stay home with her for a few months.

“We think they can pick her up on the 8th.”

EX-SQUEEZE ME??? (don’t worry this part wasn’t out loud.) It was next week and I was in complete disbelief. The kids and Er & I had just been telling everyone we are looking forward to dressing her up for Halloween and will definitely ask for that to happen before she is transitioned. Now I can’t ask them to wait three weeks so we can play dress-up.

Even typing this I am in shock that this felt like a tornado going through. I figured out that the 8th is a Monday. There is no way, if I was a forever family in waiting, I could sit around during the weekend and wait for Monday to come so I could pick up this beautiful baby I have been dreaming about. I’m betting it’s gotta happen on Friday or Saturday for sure. That makes it even sooner!!

Hearing Ernie talk about Baby Girl’s forever family, I am already feeling comfortable about who they are. I know they are in So. Cal but still not sure where. They have an older daughter from a previous marriage not in the home with them all the time. From talking to them, Ernie had a good feeling that they would want to keep the communication open as she grew up. This was a big piece for us. We wanted to see what this little miracle becomes. She is meant to do something big – we are sure of it! Well, this is awesome. Except that we now have TEN days to love her and hold her and squeeze her and call her mine. Crappy!

With a slight tilt of his head and a deep sigh, Ernie says, “Now – there is one more thing I need to discuss with you.” I started to freak out not understanding what it could possibly be. We seriously had all the important deal-breakers already happen…
to be continued…


Angels Foster
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