The Real First Week Begins

20 Mar The Real First Week Begins

It’s Monday again, we’re still on the open list but have not yet received a call. I spend the bulk of the day weeding the front yard, and am sitting at the kitchen table recuperating when the phone rings. OMG. It’s our Angels social worker. This is it.

At first, there are exactly two known details: 1) there’s a newborn baby whose gender and name is as yet unknown; 2) said baby needs pick up tonight, possibly from Such-and-Such, an organization I’ve never heard of, located in a neighboring city. Are we interested?

I think to myself: That’s not a lot to go on, but we have been freaking out for a solid week, waiting and hoping for a moment just like this. What’s to say “no” to? Okay, so I don’t currently know where Such-and-Such is, but I bet Google Maps does. Everything else I can figure out as we go, right?

I run it past Beloved Spouse, who immediately says with a smile that is audible over the phone: *I* want a baby! Let’s do it! I’m leaving work right now. Meet you at home!

Within an hour we learn that the baby is a newborn boy, he has a name which we cannot share here, and he is waiting at the HHS office for someone to come get him. An infant sitting in an office rather than a home? That was all I needed to know to fire up my inner superhero! As I  change out of my (ahem, Clark Kent?) garden grubbies, County Worker calls to say, quite kindly, “Now, look, all we have is a baby. We don’t have a car seat, we don’t have formula, we don’t have diapers; we have a BABY.” I chuckle and assure her that I’ve got a car seat and formula and a Target five minutes from my house so diapers will be no problem. County Worker says, “Ok, great! Our office closes at 5, and it’s 4 o’clock now. How soon do you think can you get here?”

Um, that depends, what’s the address? And how’s traffic between here and there?

The next six hours are a flurry of phone calls, text messages, and short-hop field trips to new-to-me parts of town, to meet one stranger after another and/or to pick up this or that. By the end of the night, we have acquired Little Attitude Dude (LAD for short), size one diapers, two grocery bags’ worth of frozen breast milk from Bio-Mom, three different kinds of formula, four new contacts in our cell phones, and five prescriptions– each of which is administered according to a different schedule.

My in-laws bring bottles, receiving blankets, spit-up cloths, a bassinet and baby clothes, both new and hand-me-down. We realize that we may be operating on an information deficit, but we are stocked well enough to get through the night– and that’s all we need for right now. Also, one of us needs to go to sleep so she can be ready for the 2 am feeding….

The adventure has begun!

Angels Foster
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