We Can Do Hard Things

20 Mar We Can Do Hard Things

Well, it’s Valentine’ Day…and I’m in LOVE. How appropriate, right?

Of course, I’m in love with my husband (hubba-hubba) and my son, that’s a no-brainer, but that isn’t who I’m speaking of: this little fella has only been with us a handful of weeks and has my heart in his teeny, little hand. He’s my new, special little Valentine. Brought to us by our personal Cupid: Angels Foster Family Network.

I’m feeling wildly fortunate today upon realizing that for the past three V-Days I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing a brand new little Valentine in my life. Although they aren’t in my life forever (Well, one is (insert a ridiculously huge heart here)), I was able to make them feel special, wanted and unconditionally loved.

After all, isn’t that what today is all about?

Saint Valentine would be proud as it is somewhat of a “forbidden” love. In some arenas of social work (not Angels) a foster parent would be advised, “Don’t fall in love, don’t get too attached…” as more than likely there is no future for your family with this child. My response to that??…PHOOEY!!! I’d rather see my heart broken than to deny any child in my home the most amount of love and care that I can humanly give. And in order to do so, my husband and I both agree to this, you have to fall deeply in love-right from the start. That is exactly what these babies deserve, just as our own children deserve. There shouldn’t be any lines or barriers or shields denying these children an environment of complete acceptance and adoration.

My husband and I don’t do flowers, presents, even cards-it’s more about just spending time together as a family and truly appreciating one another. This year, instead of celebrating our family of three, we are celebrating four. Appreciating this little, helpless person that continues to grow and flourish into this ridiculously healthy and happy baby. That is what today is all about.

For those of your who are foster parents with us, I’m so grateful to share this day with you. Today is a day that we don’t need to focus on the heartbreak that could very well be on our horizon, but a day to relish in what we are able to do.

We Can Do Hard Things

and I’m ridiculously proud of us.



Angels Foster
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