Where We Are Now

20 Mar Where We Are Now

I sit on our patio on a beautiful summer day and reflect on the fostering adventure my family has been on for the past 5 months. “Sweet Baby Boy” is napping blissfully inside and I am still feeling quite flattered that I have been asked to write about my experience as a foster mom.

But seriously… how does one convey this experience?  It has been an amazing and challenging journey – one that we’re only part way through. We still haven’t had to say that dreaded “goodbye”, presumably the most difficult part. So, where to begin? It seems nearly impossible to understand the “where we are now” without the “where we have been.”

Which brings me to the caveat: The first several entries will not focus on events as they happen, but rather will be my reflections on my/my family’s fostering experience thus far, imperfect memory and all. Many a parent has found that over time the good memories take root at the forefront of the mind and the long days, trials and tribulations are more distant, sometimes getting forgotten entirely. (As they should be!) Never-the-less, I will do my best to convey the challenges we have faced along with the joy and love that invariably blossom when a foster child is brought into your home.

Angels Foster
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