20 Mar Betty

Betty began fostering with Angels in November of 2007. Her first placement was an 18 month old boy who only spent a few days with Betty, but it was enough to get her feet wet.

Her next placement was a newborn baby boy, Adam, whom she fostered for a year before he returned to his mother. Betty did a remarkable job helping to mentor and support her while she worked hard to reunify with her son. Even though it was difficult for Betty to let Adam go, she knew she had given him a great beginning and did her best to ensure a smooth transition back to his mom.

After a little break, Betty was ready to foster again. A newborn baby girl, Courtney, was placed with her in October 2008. Betty is still caring for Courtney and hopes to adopt her down the road. After the adoption, Betty plans to continue to foster with Angels.

Betty impresses Angels and other foster parents with her ability to go with the flow. She is able to lovingly care for and commit to any child that is placed in her home, while also remaining focused on supporting the child’s family if needed. Betty is a single foster mother, offers respite care to other foster parents and volunteers to mentor other foster families at Angels. She is a regular speaker on the “foster parent panel” during Angels trainings. She continues to be an inspiration and the exact type of parent Angels strives to recruit for our babies.

**In 2010 Betty adopted Courtney- her forever daughter.

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