Bill and Brenda

20 Mar Bill and Brenda

“Our family felt called to become an Angels family.  It was 1999 when we first learned about Angels Foster Family Network.  We had friends who had fostered through Angels.  We thought it was fascinating when they showed up at little league games with new infants that had joined their family.  My husband and I thought we would like to do this someday.

“We have cared for 6 Angels babies.  Our first placement, a 5 month baby boy, stayed 2 months. He left us to be adopted by his grandfather. We then had twin 8-month old boys who stayed 10 months until they were reunited with their birth mom.  That was a long eye-opening journey.  We had grown close to this mom and watched her work hard to get her sons back.  We are proud of her and her accomplishments.  We are now “Mama” and “Papa” (grandparents).  They still come every month for a weekend.

“After the twins, we had a 3-week old, drug exposed precious baby boy. During the year with this little guy, we offered to do respite care with a wide eyed, fearful 18-month old little girl with several fractures at various stages of healing. It was a wonderful experience to care for her and watch her go to a forever family through adoption.  This was a very positive experience!

“Our sixth placement came to us two months ago.  We picked up a 9-month old little girl directly from the hospital late in the evening with a fractured femur.  She was very underweight as well.  Her cast was recently removed and she has gained weight.

“Everyday is brightened by having little ones in our home!  It is weird to hear reactions from loved ones and close family friends.  They always comment on how lucky these babies are to have us. We often hear, “We could never do what you are doing.”  In fact, it has been easy. We all have been so BLESSED by having them!  Offering hope to these little ones has been so rewarding. We discuss it quite often with our grown children ages 26, 23, and 21. We all believe this is the most rewarding thing we have ever done in our lives.  Each of us realizes that when we get up in the morning, we have something very worth while to do.   It has been a privilege to get to love all of our Angels babies. They complete our ever changing family, and we look forward to loving and caring for more.  That is what we set out to do over two years ago.  We challenge anyone to be BLESSED with an Angel!”

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