Carl and Kathy

20 Mar Carl and Kathy

The minute you meet Carl and Kathy there is no denying that kindness, love and laughter is their way.  Married for 20 years, they have had careers, lived on both coasts and are well traveled.  They enjoy time with family and friends and do not miss an opportunity to celebrate an accomplishment or be a shoulder to lean on for those close to them.  Sharing this life with a child was something they wanted for many years, and they found Angels.

Five days after completing training they got a call.  There was a baby girl named Crystal in need of the warmth and kindness they could provide.  Carl and Kathy were thrilled!  After twenty-two months of fostering, Crystal’s adoption became final in September 2010.  Carl and Kathy share a laugh now when they think about how their lives have changed.  “Now instead of trips to Hawaii we take trips to Legoland and the Zoo!”  Their lives have become non-stop teaching and instructing as they watch their beautiful little girl grow in front of their eyes.  Whenever they update anyone on Crystal’s growth there is the most beautiful sparkle in their smiles.

“Everyday is a new word (NO!), a new sentence (I’ll do it), a new accomplishment (coloring on the tile!) and a new athletic feat (food thrown across the table),” Kathy explains with a laugh and a smile.

That is the happiness that is the home they share, enjoying life regardless of what may be thrown their way.  The love shared in this family is felt by all those fortunate enough to know them.  “We love her and can’t imagine life without her!”  It is indeed hard to imagine it any other way.

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