Carrie and Ian

20 Mar Carrie and Ian

Carrie and Ian were a young couple who, like many, came across the Angels website in their exploration of fostering and adoption resources. They were searching their hearts and trying to find the best avenue to become parents. A random encounter with a neighbor, an Angels foster parent, led them to jump head and heart first into the Angels program.

In 2005, Carrie and Ian picked up their first Angels placement. Over the next six months they fostered three babies; each with their own heartbreaking story and each leaving to go to their permanent placement. Carrie’s love for babies was never-ending. Even though each good-bye was wrenching, Carrie and Ian would open their home to the next little one needing love and healing. However, even the best of intentions has a limit.

In the summer of 2006, Carrie and Ian went to the hospital to pick up their 4th placement, a newborn baby girl named Grace. It was evident from day one that Grace would need an adoptive home and county adoptions immediately looked at their waiting list. Carrie and Ian prepared themselves for yet another painful good-bye and to transition this sweet little girl to her forever home. They decided that after this little one left they would need to explore adoptions for themselves. They would miss the support and experience of fostering with Angels but also knew that the good-byes were getting to be too much.

Months passed and with a little faith and a lot of prayer, Grace was adopted by Carrie and Ian in December 2007.

Since Grace’s adoption, they have gone on to foster three more children and adopt one more, little Connor. Carrie and Ian will be the first to tell you that things happen for a reason. If it weren’t for the difficult good-byes to their first three placements, they would never have met their daughter Grace and son Connor, who fill their lives with love, laughter, and mischief! Carrie and Ian have provided eight babies a safe and loving home, to their forever home, and will provide the same for more to come.

Thank you, Carrie and Ian!

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