Darcy and Madison

20 Mar Darcy and Madison

“Tiny hands and feet, sweet smiles, coos, cries and midnight feedings — all the joys of parenthood however temporary it may be. My journey as a foster parent began over two years ago when I heard about a coworker mentoring a foster child. I was instantly intrigued and less than a year later I was drawn to Angels. As a single mother of one beautiful daughter, I felt I had more love to give and knew I could help babies in need. Angels was a perfect fit for me. The last year and a half has been an exciting and interesting one that has enriched not only the lives of me and my daughter, but also friends and family. We have been privileged to love and take care of four tiny Angels.

“The first was a beautiful newborn baby girl, who I picked up from the hospital the day after my foster parent training was complete. Nicole was a drug exposed baby who had little contact with her mother. We immediately fell in love and were able to spend almost six months with her. As sad as it was to see her go, I understood that she needed to return to her biological family and was glad to see her so loved by her extended family who took her in. She came to visit after moving home and I still get pictures of her from time to time. Seeing her again made the transition easier and I know that she is healthy, loved and well taken care of. She will always have a special place in our hearts.

“After a few months of down time to enjoy the holidays and catch up on sleep, we welcomed Katie, another one-day-old baby girl. She was sweet, happy, healthy and probably one of the easiest newborns I have ever met. Her parents were not able to care for her at birth and were given services to try and reunify. While her parents loved her very much reunification was not successful with her mother but after a few short months she went home with her father. I know that her happy and easy disposition will get her through life.

“Quickly after Katie left, my daughter begged to have another baby in the house. I think fostering has brought the two of us closer together and has taught her to be more giving. So a few weeks later, I got a call to pick up a five week old baby being moved from a county foster home. I drove to Polinsky that afternoon and met Leah. The nurse told me she had colic, reflux and that her nights and days were mixed up. I thought “uh-oh” what did I get myself into. Admittedly the first couple days were rough, but after a formula change, talking to her, holding her and loving her, she turned into a happy “chatty” baby. She gained two pounds in two weeks and was up only once at night. Not able to return to her parents, she is now with an adoptive family who love her very much.

“After three relatively easy and short-term placements, I thought about taking a break. But after a few weeks I realized there were still babies who needed a safe, loving place to go. I called my Angels Social Worker and said put me on the “open” list and three days later picked up Sarah from Polinsky. She was seven weeks old and had come from a home with domestic violence. She is a sweet, happy chubby baby. I don’t know what will happen with Sarah, I just know that we love her and will do everything we can to give her a good start in life. I love being a foster mom and am thankful to have been given this gift.”

** In 2010 Darcy adopted Sarah- her forever daughter, and is fostering her fifth placement.

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