Ed and Diane

20 Mar Ed and Diane

“A few years ago, we were getting our finger printing done for our son’s adoption and saw a sign on a neighboring door for “Angels Foster Family Network”. A few months later, we gave them a call to look into fostering and possibly expanding our family. From that point on our lives have been changed with such wonderful experiences. We have learned so much through each situation and challenge, and are so thankful for the path we are on.

“Our first placement was an adorable 4 month old that seemed to light up our house with happiness. Although he was only with us for a few weeks, you could see him grow and learn so much in a short time. We loved being part of the process to nurture and love him until he could return to his family.

“Our second placement was a sibling group. They each have their own individual issues from growing up in an unstable environment, but over time they learned to trust and understand that they are safe in our home. We have learned so much from helping them work through their emotions, and how things cannot change overnight –but with love and a sense of security and consistency they can blossom into the lives they deserve.

“We are constantly grateful for the support from Angels every step of the way. We couldn’t imagine not having their expertise and encouragement at all times.”

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