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20 Mar Jamie and Kim

Having worked with kids for most of their careers, Jamie and Kim saw first hand the needs of children entering foster care. They saw foster kids who were moved around the foster care system, in and out of treatment centers,  often left with issues that were difficult to overcome. They decided the best way to combat this would be to care for children in the early months  of their foster care experience, providing them with a stable and loving home to thrive in. Angels’ focus on infants and toddlers was the right fit for their family.

Over the past year, Jamie and Kim have had the pleasure of fostering four amazing little boys. These boys have ranged in age from 3 months to 22 months, some only staying days others staying months. These boys have come into their home with issues including drug exposure and severe physical abuse. Each boy ended up being returned to a caring relative.

Jamie and Kim loved these children unconditionally and saw drastic improvements no matter how long they stayed. One little boy, “Steve”, came into their home with multiple drugs in his system. The first few days he cried constantly and was difficult to console as a result of all the substances in his system. After just a few days, he was a “different child” who was happy and excited to explore this new environment and be doted upon by these loving caregivers.

Jamie and Kim epitomize what it takes to be a great Angels family. They have dedicated their time, love, and resources to each of these four children and have taken the time out of their busy schedules to speak at various Angels’ events. They have discovered the joy and the hardships of foster care and its unpredictability which has led them to live “each moment and each day to the fullest.” Jamie and Kim continue to stay in contact with a few of the boys they fostered and are a positive support for them and their families.

Jamie and Kim hope to one day be able to adopt a child and feel that they will be better parents because of the amazing children they have fostered. They are currently waiting for the 5th foster child who will be lucky enough to come into this home and discover the safe and loving environment that is so essential for growth. Thank you, Jamie and Kim, for your dedication to Angels and to these children.

** In 2011, Jamie and Kim adopted two siblings- their forever son and daughter.

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