Kristen and Dan

20 Mar Kristen and Dan

Kristen and Dan began fostering with Angels in August of 2009. They had struggled with infertility for years and “wanted to make it into something productive and positive.”

After working with foster youth for years, Kristen saw what these kids had to face in a broken system. She says “it didn’t sit well with us to expect the foster care system to be fixed and not do anything about it.”

Since coming to Angels, Kristen and Dan have fostered three beautiful boys. Each is unique in their own way and all have thrived after being placed in this amazing home. They came with their own set of obstacles and challenges including multiple doctor’s appointments; visits with birth parents; and sleepless nights. Kristen and Dan have handled everything that has been put in their path with a smile and an enduring mission to make sure that every child who leaves their home is stronger and better for it. In their own words, “through love and nurture, the babies that were filled with hurt and questions have been transformed into babies with an overwhelming sense of security and embrace.”

Months of fostering have changed Kristen and Dan’s perspective on the impact these children can have on a life. “This experience, loving and caring for these babies, has been bigger than we ever thought possible. It is the most rewarding struggle we’ve ever had.” Not knowing how long children will be with them and worries about their futures are things all of our foster parents know well. When asked about the hard times, Kristen and Dan replied “many tears, yes, but followed by too many laughs…way too many laughs.”

Kristen and Dan have often said that the foster care system they describe as a “mess” is being transformed by Angels “one baby at a time.” They are proud to be a part of the Angels’ team and we at Angels are even more proud and lucky to have them.

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