Michael and Janet

20 Mar Michael and Janet

Meet Janet, Michael, and Jed, an Angels Foster Family since 2008. They are caring for their 6th placement. Here is what Janet has to say about her Angels fostering experience.

“We adopted our son through a private agency and were looking to adopt another child. We found Angels through a friend of ours and, even though we knew we wanted to adopt another child in the future, we decided to become foster parents while we were waiting. We had friends who fostered, and by their example we became interested in becoming foster parents.

We were impressed with the Angels program and the support they give. They are available whenever you need them and answer any questions or concerns.  We get so attached to the children that come into our home. They each bring different experiences and personalities which in turn offer a new journey. Some are more difficult than others, but we wouldn’t trade them for anything. Some of the great things that come out of fostering are the lasting friendships we have made with families of our foster children and other foster parents in the Angels program.

Our son, Jed, has loved being a foster brother. He still talks about the children who were with us over a year ago. He loves looking at pictures of them and it brings a smile to his face. Of course, it is a sad day for all of us when we have to say good-bye.; it is one of the toughest parts of being a foster parent. We tell Jed that we are “babysitting” and helping these children until they can go back to their families. Even though he understands, it is still hard for him to let go. He wishes they could be with us forever. We hope to have a forever child soon. In the meantime, we know that a lot of children need good homes where they will be nurtured and loved and we can provide that until we get a call to adopt our own child.

There is a saying, “A child fills a place in your heart you never knew was empty.” Each child that has entered our home has filled a place in our hearts that we will remember forever. We would have never known the joy we were missing if we hadn’t taken the opportunity to become a foster family.

*Since writing this, Michael and Janet have adopted one child and are in the process of adopting another Angel.

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