Michael and Karen

20 Mar Michael and Karen

“My husband and I started fostering because our children have all grown up. I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for the past 24 years and have a lot more love and care to give a child.

“Although we are not considering adoption, we became very attached to our first Angel. She came to us at two and a half years old. My husband and I were “Mom”and “Dad” within the first 10 minutes of meeting her. We had her for a short four months before she reunified with her parents, but we were able to teach her many things like how to swim, use sign language & the potty. We loved her, but most of all she loved us back. The attachment was very clear to all of us. To this day, we are still connected and supportive of the family and see her regularly.

“We are currently fostering a boy who is 17 months old. His growth and devleopment is noticeable to everyone who meets him, especially those who knew him when he was first placed with us four months ago. We are having the same great experience with this little guy as we did with the first.

“The saddest thing about fostering was learning that both of our Angels had been in three foster homes before ours. That is a lot of moving around for a little one. One of the things that attracted us to Angels is how they screen foster parents and make sure they are committed to caring for a child until reunification or adoption. A consistent loving home is critical to successful attachment later in life.”

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