Milo and Karen

20 Mar Milo and Karen

We have been on our fostering journey for a year and have fostered six beautiful children. Our latest chapter has been the best ever with twice the magical moments to share.

When we first started it was impossible to know what the experience would be like. Of course, we knew we had lots of love to share and wanted to provide a safe place for children, but there was so much more to fostering.

Their first smile, words, and steps. Taking them to the zoo for the first time and seeing their eyes light up at the sight of the animals. These are the things that keep you going when the journey seems hard. We have also been blessed with an extended family of parents and grandparents of the children we fostered – receiving pictures, updates and even visits with the children.

Our journey has now led us to fostering siblings; two beautiful brothers. Initially, we asked ourselves if we could truly foster two children at once. After all, we had been fostering one child at a time which allowed us to provide lots of love, caring and nurturing and still have time for each other. With these two little guys in our home, there are twice as many diapers, twice as many feedings and twice as many sleepless nights. But consider the rewards we receive: twice the kisses, hugs and smiles.

We realize now that there is never a shortage of love, caring and nurturing when it comes to the children in our home. Of course, we have had to make changes in our lives to foster siblings, but the joy we see in their eyes makes it all worth it.  When we feel tired all it takes to keep us going is hearing that little giggle, and we remember we’re lucky it’s times two in our house.

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