Pamela and Fonda

20 Mar Pamela and Fonda

This wonderful family has been a part of Angels since 2011 and has helped improve the lives of four foster children, one of whom they are in the process of adopting. Fonda was a Career Counselor in the Navy and recently retired as a Senior Chief after 23 years. We are thankful for her time served and also for the entire family’s service for foster children.

“Fonda was in the Navy for 23 years, she retired a Senior Chief in April 2014.  She spent most of her career working as a Career Counselor where she helped other sailors navigate their own career path in the NAVY.  We became Foster parents in 2011 because we wanted to be a positive influence in a child’s life, we didn’t realize at the time but every kiddo that has come through our door and the families they are connected too has changed us for the better.” – Pamela

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