Rachel and Errol

20 Mar Rachel and Errol

Working with kids comes naturally to Rachel and Errol – both have been in the education field for years.  They make all who come in contact with them feel included and at ease, no matter their age.  Rachel and Errol also share a dedication to being excellent parents.

After a few years of marriage Rachel and Errol decided to add to their family and came to Angels in hopes of helping foster children. When asked about why they chose foster care, Errol says, “I see so many kids in foster care at school and it’s sad.  It’s time for us to help.”  This hard working, loving couple was prepared for certification before training was over!

Since then, they have welcomed six Angels into their home, showering love on each of them. One of those six joined their family as their forever son.  They continue to foster our Angels babies, and they don’t shy away from challenging situations.  “We have to be consistent,” Rachel emphasizes.  “Errol and I are on the same page with discipline and learning,”  and it shows when you watch them in action with the kids.  These parents approach behavioral hiccups with consistency and compassion. The children who are lucky enough to share this caring home get a big dose of love balanced with structure that helps them to thrive.

Rachel and Errol are an amazing example of what our Angels families do.

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