Randy and Donna

20 Mar Randy and Donna

Randy and Donna and their children, Brenna, Riley, and Julia began fostering in September 2009. They have always been interested in helping children, especially foster children. The entire family has had experience volunteering with children in the past, so when they became a foster family they dove right in and accepted their first Angel!

Randy and Donna were open to any foster child in need, so when they were called about siblings they immediately agreed to take the two children. One of their foster children had been severely abused with multiple broken bones. The other displayed signs of emotional trauma from what he had witnessed. Though these children have been with the family for only a short while, the progress they have made is nothing short of miraculous. They are healthy, happy, and stable in their current home. The entire family put a tremendous amount of time, effort, and energy into ensuring that these children would be well loved. As a result of this effort, the children are doing remarkably well.

Angels believes that somehow our foster children find their way to the right home, and this case was no exception. A big thank you to Randy and Donna for all they have done and continue to do for our kids, and hopefully with others to come in the future.

*Since writing this, Randy and Donna adopted their Angels brother and sister.

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