Ray and Anna

20 Mar Ray and Anna

My husband, eight year old son and I have been honored to foster four children in the last year and a half.  Three of the children came to our home due to domestic violence between young parents.  We have had three little girls ranging from birth to four months and we currently are caring for a 22 month old little boy.

Our first little girl came to us with virtually ever bone broken or in some stage of healing at only four months.  She was adored by all who met her; she was darling and so, so sweet.  We were able to provide her lots of love and attention and the prettiest little dresses we could find!  We made sure she received the medical attention she needed.  At first, she was in pain and tender to the touch.  She would cringe when she was changed, which was difficult to do carefully with the heavy cast.  She returned to extended family a few months later with her bones healed, the cast off and a lovely happy spirit.

After caring for a newborn baby girl for a short time, we took care of our third Angel.  We were able to provide her the loving home she needed as well as visitation with her parents and extended family until her grandparents were able to care for her.

We are currently caring for an active, delightful, little boy.  We are happy to be able to provide him all the opportunities to challenge his curious mind and to enjoy wonderful places like LegoLand, the beach and local parks. We are providing visitation with his parents as they work on their reunification plan with him.

We could not have done any of this without the constant support of Angels Foster Family Network.  They are available around the clock to provide support every step of the way, answering questions, attending family visitations, and just being there to explain how the foster process works.  We would not have had the courage to go on this journey without Angels. -Anna

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