Terra and Jeff


20 Mar Terra and Jeff

Four years ago, Terra and Jeff joined the Angels foster care team because they wanted to provide a stable, loving home to a child in need. Their first was a 4 month old boy named Andrew who they had for nearly a year. During that time, Andrew’s mother worked hard to become stable and healthy and provide for her son. Terra and Jeff were very supportive and built a strong relationship with Andrew’s Mom so they could help create a smooth transition for the family to reunite. Andrew is now a happy 4 year old, and they continue to see him often. Since then, Terra and Jeff have fostered 3 more children, some with difficult behaviors and traumatic pasts. They are currently showering loving care on an adorable 3-year-old cutie pie who’s been through a really rough time. Jeff and Terra, along with their very helpful 10 and 12 year old daughters, Ashley and Sara, have demonstrated a tremendous strength, perseverance, and love throughout their fostering experience. Angels honors them for their selfless commitment to these children and their families.

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