Irene and Steve

20 Mar Irene and Steve

Irene, Steve, and their daughter Sarah have been fostering with Angels for a little over a year and since the beginning, they have gone above and beyond – providing a loving, nurturing, and enriched environment for their foster kiddo to flourish. They have experienced a great deal of flux in their case over the last year and continue to show tremendous strength and perseverance as they tackle the unknowns that fostering can often bring. Irene and Steve have amazed us as they juggle full time careers with the frequent developmental and medical needs of their foster son. Through it all, they have maintained an unwavering love for the children in their home. Their advocacy and encouragement has tremendously altered their foster son’s trajectory in life, providing him with that unconditional love and stability that makes our Angels families so special. Irene and Steve have spent countless hours working one-on-one with their foster son and cheered the loudest as he achieved milestone after milestone. Angels is so grateful and honored by the many sacrifices this family has made and we thank them for all they do each and every day!

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