Katie and Matt

20 Mar Katie and Matt

Katie, Matt and their daughter Ryen started their journey with fostering a little over a year ago. They have such big hearts and although had not initially planned on starting off fostering with a sibling set, they took a leap of faith and said “YES!” to two gorgeous kiddos. This last year has been filled with all the ups and downs that fostering can bring. Through it all, Katie and Matt have stayed focused on making sure that the children in their home have unconditional love, security and lots of FUN! They are always engaging their kids in fun physical activities: swimming, skateboarding, trampoline jumping, bike riding, camping – you name it and they are out there enjoying life with their kiddos. Despite the nature of the over-scheduled foster care lifestyle (so many appointments – so little time!) Katie and Matt are always understanding of the process and make it their mission to ensure that the children’s needs come first. Their daughter Ryen, who is now 5, has been an amazing big sister to her foster siblings. The presence of another child is so comforting to foster children when they first come to live in a new home. Ryen made them feel welcomed by immediately sharing with them, playing with them and showing them through her bonds with her parents that they were in a safe place, bound by love and security. Angels is so proud of Katie, Matt, and Ryen and are so thrilled to have them as part of our team!

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