Rachel and Errol

20 Mar Rachel and Errol

Rachel and Errol started their fostering journey with us almost 7 years ago. The Garnett’s first Angels baby Ty, eventually became available for adoption and they were thrilled to be his forever family. Ty’s resilience and the never-ending love, support and stability that Rachel and Errol have provided for him have led him to become a happy, thriving, talented 6 year old.

This family has fostered seven Angels, including a sibling set of three! They have endured many challenging aspects of long-term foster care; loving on children as much as they would their own biological children and yet, having to say goodbye at reunification. Their ability to see all sides of a difficult situation and maintain focused on providing the absolute best care for their Angels kiddos is unparalleled. Rachel does the majority of the contact and visits with the birth families; she is always respectful and works collaboratively with their parents and extended relatives to ensure that those bonds remain strong. The Garnetts have a great sense of humor and take even the most challenging situations in stride. They are a no-drama, hard-working and hard-playing family! Thank you to Rachel, Errol, Ty and Aliyah – Angels is thrilled to have had you as part of our team!

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