Becky and Tony

20 Mar Becky and Tony

Becky, Tony, and their two daughters, Samantha and Elizabeth joined the Angels family in 2012 and since then have provided a loving and stable home to seven sweet Angels children! Becky and Tony have years of experience working with children in their professional lives and they bring their expertise to helping their foster children to overcome developmental delays and modify difficult behaviors in a nurturing and stable environment. Becky and Tony have devoted themselves to providing for those in need and their dedication and passion for all of the children in their lives is unconditional and unwavering. They have dealt with the ups and downs of fostering with grace, always going the extra mile to advocate for the best interest of the child no matter what it takes. Elizabeth and Samantha have been incredible older sisters to all of their foster siblings and are always lending a helping hand to mom and dad. Each family member has played a pivotal role in the awesome care that this family provides and we are so grateful to have them on the Angels team!

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