Tina and Tim

20 Mar Tina and Tim

Tina and Tim along with their two sons, Dylan and Gibson, have been such an asset to our team of foster families. Since becoming certified in early 2012, they have fostered seven children – some only for a couple days, and others long term. Regardless of the length of the placement, they have gone above and beyond to make sure these little ones feel safe and loved. Their five-year-old son, Gibson, has had an immensely positive impact on his foster siblings. He has graciously shared his parents, his home and his toys all while making these little ones feel included and special. Angels thanks this family for all they do!

“I was in the Army from 1980 to 1984, stationed in Germany at Field Station Augsburg and 66th M.I. Group Munich. After two years of college from 84-86, I joined the Navy and served on the USS Mount Vernon (LSD 39) with deployments through the Panama Canal, to the Persian Gulf for the Gulf War, and to Prince William Sound Alaska for the Exxon-Valdez oil spill clean-up. Near the end of my tour, my wife and I met working as extras on the set of a movie called “Flight of the Intruder” with Willem Dafoe and Danny Glover. We married in 1990 and had our first child in 1991. After years of trying for a second child, we gave up, only to have a second child 17 years later. We always wanted a house full of children, and since we couldn’t have more of our own after the second one, we started the Angels foster program to give a better place for children in need and possibly give a permanent adoptive home should the opportunity arise.   We have had seven placements ranging from overnight to 18 months, each with unique challenges and rewards.  Always looking forward to what the new day brings and trying to remember that we are doing it for love, even when it is challenging…” – Tim

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