Jen and Brian

20 Mar Jen and Brian

Jen and Brian have been an amazing asset to our Angels Family! They have consistently exceeded our very high expectations of what it means to be a loving and responsible foster parent. Both Jen and Brian have demanding full-time careers – yet you would never know it from the way that they make caring for their foster children their number one priority. They have gone above and beyond to work in a respectful and friendly manner with everyone involved in their cases and have been diligent in providing every opportunity for biological family members to maintain healthy relationships and bonds. Angels is so fortunate to have Brian and Jen as part of our team of exemplary foster parents. THANK YOU for all that you do to give the babies in your care every opportunity to grow into healthy, resilient and thriving individuals!

“Brian and I are both in the military and I am currently in Afghanistan so Brian is doing all the fostering right now with the help of our wonderful nanny.  Brian has been a Marine for 22 years, and works at Camp Pendleton.  I have been a Marine for 13 years and am currently deployed to Afghanistan.  We have both served in Iraq and Afghanistan.  We decided to become foster parents because we love parenting little ones when they most need love and stability. It is incredibly rewarding, despite being quite challenging at times–particularly with our military duties.” – Jen

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