Sara and Josh

20 Mar Sara and Josh

Sara, Josh, and their four children, Roman, Dane, Marni, and Abe have welcomed two Angels babies into their home since joining the Angels family in 2013. This family keeps busy all week long with lots of fun activities from T-ball practice to gymnastics. As soon as you meet Sara and Josh it becomes clear what truly amazing parents they are. Sara is one of the strongest and most inspirational women you’ll ever meet. With her can-do attitude, there is no obstacle too big to overcome. Josh is a real hands-on dad, always willing to handle “diaper duty” and coaching his son’s baseball team in his spare time. He’s also an excellent surfer! Together, Sara and Josh have managed the ups and down of fostering with grace, always being flexible and keeping an open mind.  Their four beautiful children have excitedly welcomed both of their foster siblings with open arms and lots of fun play time!

With both of their Angels babies, Sara and Josh developed a trusting and supportive relationship with biological parents. Their encouragement has helped their Angels babies maintain healthy bonds with their family members.

This family has exceeded our expectations with their commitment to providing a loving and stable home to each of their Angels babies. Thank you so much for all that you do each and every day to ensure that our babies are unconditionally loved!

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