Jason and Amanda

20 Mar Jason and Amanda

Jason graduated from the Naval Academy in 1995 and has been in the Navy for 19 years. He is currently the Commanding Officer of HSL-49, a squadron of the Seahawk Helicopters. This family has been certified Angels foster parents since June 2012. They have had 3 placements in addition to doing respite care. They are currently in the process of adopting their 3rd placement, who has been with their family since February 2013.

“Jason graduated from USNA in ’95, we were married in Annapolis in ’96, and we will make our 9th move together next year. Our children are: Grant & Emma 14, Elizabeth 12, and Marvin 20 months. After three tours here we consider Coronado our “west coast home”. We considered adoption for a number of years, but the timing was never right with multiple moves. When we arrived in San Diego three years ago, our hearts were burdened for the thousands of foster children in our own county. We decided to become foster parents rather than adopt, in hopes of helping as many children as possible during this tour. We have had 3 Angels’ placements and have provided respite care for 2 other babies since fostering in June 2012. We are currently in the process of adopting Marvin, and cannot imagine our lives without him. Jason is currently the commanding officer at HSL-49, a squadron of SH-60B helicopters at Naval Air Station North Island. We cannot thank Angels enough for their support.” -Amanda

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