Nanci and David

20 Mar Nanci and David

This family has been such an enormous blessing to our organization and, most importantly, to the foster babies in their care. Nanci and David are always so humble and fostering has seem to come naturally to them. They have two children of their own, Grace Ann and Rebecca who are also amazing with all of the foster babies that have joined their family. Because they don’t seem to truly know how much we appreciate them, we thought we would embarrass them a little with expounding on it a bit!

Nanci and David are the kind of people that foster agencies imagine when they envision ideal candidates for becoming foster parents. What are these mysterious qualities that create great foster parents? Well, let’s list some of the qualities that Nanci and David possess.

They have:

  • A genuine and passionate desire to care for children
  • The ability to see more than one side to a situation
  • Mastered the art of letting go of control, being able to sit with the uncomfortable feeling of uncertainty (with support, of course!)
  • Respectful and courteous interactions with all people involved in the case: birth parents, Protective Service workers, Angels staff, therapists, medical professionals, other foster parents
  • The belief that their role as the foster parent is to always put the child’s needs at the top of their priorities, even when inconvenient or difficult
  • Respect for the rules and regulations by which Angels foster parents must abide
  • Pride in doing one of the most of intense and selfless jobs with a positive attitude, a can-do spirit, and gratitude that they were able to make a difference in a child’s life

David is currently the Commanding Officer of VMM-764, an MV-22 Osprey Tiltrotor Squadron based out MCAS Miramar. He has been in the Marine Corps for 19 years. As the Commanding Officer of the squadron, he is responsible for the establishment and operations of the first US Marine Corps Reserve MV-22 squadron, nicknamed the “Moonlighters”. Our family has been based in North Carolina (twice), Ohio, Maryland and now California. This is our first tour in California and we are really enjoying our time on the West Coast.

“Our family felt called to find a way to impact and serve our community. We decided to become a foster family after finding out the great need there was for loving foster care homes in San Diego county. Through fostering we feel that our entire family can actively participate in helping the little ones in need in our community. Many people tell us that they couldn’t do what we do or that we are an amazing family for taking this on, but the truth is that we are no different than any other family. We simply stepped out in faith and met a need that existed. We love being a foster family.” – Nanci

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