Dan and Misty

20 Mar Dan and Misty

Dan and Misty, and their four children, Tyler, Nathan, Ella, and Ava, have been fostering with Angels since May 2014. Dan and Misty uphold the standards that Angels hopes to see in all of our foster parents. They are loving, patient, empathetic, and dedicated to every child in their home. This family opens their home and hearts to children in need, and long to show them the love and care they deserve.

Upon joining Angels, Dan and Misty were open to the idea of adoption, but had the exclusive goal of fostering. Their first foster baby has thrived in their care, is happy, healthy, and securely bonded and attached to their family. They are currently in the process of becoming her forever family. As soon as Dan and Misty knew they would be named as the prospective adoptive parents of their first placement, they were interested in continuing to foster other Angels babies. Despite having a busy household of five children, they were ready to take on and provide for another placement. Angels is so appreciative of the love they give to their foster children and the energy they dedicate to these kiddos’ care.

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