Tracy and Michael

20 Mar Tracy and Michael

Our family came to Angels Foster Family Network after a long desire to provide either a temporary or permanent home to a foster child within the United States. We have fostered one child thus far “Matthew” whom we brought home from the hospital when he was 27 hrs old. He was born to a woman with a history of mental illness who walked away after Matthew was born. His father is a man with alcohol and drug past, who is working to do what is necessary in order to reunify with Matthew. Matthew has been in our home for the past 15 months and captured our hearts the moment we laid eyes on him as a newborn at the hospital. He was a beautiful baby lying in a clear plastic crib with no one but the nurses caring for him. Due to his in-utero experience, Matthew has had many challenges. As a family we have worked with Matthew to ensure he has the best start to life. He is a happy 15 month old who loves music and storybooks; giving kisses and hugs.
Being a member of Angels Foster Family Network has helped us to become the foster family we dreamed of becoming. Our Angels social worker has been with us every step of the way. She has answered all of our questions and patiently listened as we sorted out our feelings on letting go of a toddler who has grabbed a hold of our hearts and feels every bit apart of our family. Well-meaning people often ask us “how can you care for a baby who may eventually have to go back to his birth family?” Every time I answer, my memory automatically goes back to the day I walked into the hospital and saw him lying in a clear bin with nowhere to go. “We do what we do because every infant should feel safe and loved unconditionally and we feel good about giving him a great two year start in his life”. Our four biological children: 16, 15, 12, 11, have partnered with us to bring an awareness of the growing need for foster care in San Diego. We are hopeful that other families will open their home and hearts to a child that desperately needs both.

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