Two Families, Two Paths, Two Lives Changed Forever

20 Mar Two Families, Two Paths, Two Lives Changed Forever

In early 2008, two Angels foster families received two separate babies. Gordon and Kirsten received a little boy only 4 months old, removed from his mother at birth with drugs in his system. He was bounced around from foster home to foster home until landing safely in the arms of Gordon and Kirsten. Our other Angels family, Amanda and Brandon, received little Mya when she was only 2 months old. She was removed from her mother who had a history of drug use and other children who were already in the foster care system.

Through the year these families have loved, taken care of, and provided everything for these children. They have endured countless unknowns, court dates, visits, and the ups and downs that come with being a foster parent. Through it all, both of these families have put the children first and have created attachments that have helped these children mature into secure toddlers.
While both of these children remained in the homes of these two families for a long period of time, their stories do not have the same ending. Brandon and Amanda finalized their adoption of Mya on 5/28/09 and became her forever family. While Amanda and Brandon’s story ends in an adoption, Gordon and Kirsten’s storyshows that happy endings don’t all look the same.

Gordon and Kirsten’s foster child successfully reunified with his birth mother on 5/24/09. Gordon and Kirsten supported the mother throughout the entire reunification plan, offering encouragement to her along the way. They are hoping that they will continue to be a part of this child’s life and have talked about their desire to continue pouring their love into another Angel’s baby.

These two stories show the amazing difference our Angel’s  parents can make in a child’s life. These two children were provided stable and loving homes during their time in foster care and knew they were loved, well taken care of, and safe. While many other children get bounced from home to home, these children were given what so many others lack – stability. While one of these children will be with their foster family forever, the other has made a successful transition back to the arms of his birth mother.

Thank you Brandon, Amanda, Gordon, and Kirsten for the outstanding difference you have made in the lives of these two children. Your commitment and dedication to changing a child’s life are truly amazing.

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