Children Who Need Fostering

San Diego Children Need Loving Homes

Approximately 1,400 children under the age of five years old are in foster care in San Diego County. In traditional foster care, a baby will typically live in three different homes before his or her first birthday. At Angels, we feel strongly that infants and toddlers should have the chance to connect with one foster family, so we ask our parents who foster to commit to each placement for as long as each child needs. Sometimes, this is a weekend. Other placements last weeks, months, or even years.

Families who foster with Angels tell us there is nothing more rewarding than opening their hearts and homes to infants and toddlers who need temporary care. 

What Our Angels Families are Saying

“We foster because we want to provide a loving home to children who need stability and love at a time when everything else in their lives, from no fault of their own, is in turmoil. We know that we have the space, the capacity, and the ability to share what we have with the children that need it.” – Tony & Becky Gutierrez

“After teaching for more than 40 years, I retired and was looking for a way to use my experience to help children. I went into fostering knowing what I could give to a child, what I didn’t realize was what the child I had for 19 months would give to me. The Angels staff guided me throughout the process; we are the caring village that makes all the difference in these babies lives.” – Patty Totina

“The call to foster a child was not an easy one for us to answer. The thought of loving a child who might leave our home was definitely a fear. But, we didn’t let that uncertainty drive us, we let the fear of a child not having the opportunity to know what love is drive our decision to foster. What a truly wonderful experience it has been.” – Chad & Kylie Kavanagh