Preparing To Foster

Fostering Step By Step

At Angels we make sure our families are fully prepared and supported throughout the certification process. Here are the steps to becoming an Angels family:

  • Contact us

  • Fill out our Ask About Fostering Form or call us to express interest in becoming a foster parent.

  • Talk to Us

  • Have a phone conversation with our Angels Foster Parent Recruiter to determine if expectations match the Angels program and mission.

  • Apply

  • Receive and complete our extensive two-part application

    • This will be sent by email following orientation.

  • Interview

  • Come to our office to take the MMPI-2, a Psychological Screening test.

    • We administer this test to all of our applicants and conduct an in-depth interview to ensure they would be a good match for the challenges and rewards of fostering.
    • Learn more about our Psychological Screening test.

  • Application Review

  • The review committee meets to consider the completed application packet.

    • Qualified parents will receive an invitation to attend the next training class.

  • Training Prep

  • You will receive a packet of forms and requirements that need to be completed, prior to training.

    • The forms include: CPR/First Aid, criminal record clearance, character references, driving records, etc.

  • Training

  • Our Foster Parent Training is an intensive and thorough preparation for fostering, led by the Angels Staff.

    • The class is a total of 27 training hours over a four day period and is held frequently throughout the year.
    • Read more about Our Foster Parent Training

  • Ready to be a Foster Parent

  • Once you have completed everything above, and you let us know you are ready, we will put you on the opening list.

    • Once your home is open, you could receive your first foster placement at anytime. Your assigned Angels Clinical Case Manager will be ready to help with whatever challenges you may face on your fostering journey.

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