Placing Infants And Toddlers In Loving Homes
Throughout San Diego County

All over San Diego County, babies and toddlers are being abandoned, neglected and abused. Angels has transformed the face of foster care by providing committed, loving families for these children. Angels is a non-profit charitable agency dedicated to saving the lives of infants and toddlers.


Join Us For Orientation

Interested in learning more about becoming an Angels foster family? We are always seeking qualified, passionate, and selfless families of all types to commit to the loving care of a foster child. Join us at our monthly orientation to learn how you can help Angels solve the foster care crisis one family and one child at a time. Get started today.

Transforming Foster Care… One Family At A Time

Our Stories

What kind of family is willing to sacrifice the time, money, and most importantly the energy and love that goes into nurturing a baby – all the while knowing that it may be temporary and that they may fall in love, only to have to say goodbye to their foster child next week, next month, or next year? Angels families, that’s who.

Samantha and Rob

Foster Parent Spotlight